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It was my pleasure to receive early access to Dr. Jeff Lazarus’ new online self-help program, Adapting to CPAP. I found his program to be truly wonderful and I am excited to know about it!

You can see Dr. Lazarus’ care and attention to detail as he’s packaged an evidence-based approach to behavior change in helping users create a new habit of CPAP use for sleep apnea.

His excellent bedside manner, coupled with his vast knowledge and expertise in medical hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy shines throughout.

I’m sure other users will find Dr. Lazarus’s program as easy to follow as I did.

Each lesson he’s included soundly builds on the one before, and delivers just the right amount of text, video, and audio content to vary the learning experience and keep the user engaged.

Dr. Lazarus has managed to make the potentially souring idea of homework seem exciting by carefully, and respectfully, addressing the users’ resistance to change with good use of motivational techniques.

I was ready to go get the CPAP machine I don’t have and practice right away!

Clinicians could even learn from his modeling and take his approach into their work, by engaging with this program.

I plan to bring this exceptional program to the attention of any who might be struggling with CPAP use as they could surely benefit from Dr. Lazarus’ work.

I also want to make my students aware of this innovative resource as we discuss the necessity of increasing access to care through accessible, relatively inexpensive, low-intensity, technology-based interventions which can serve as adjuncts to ongoing treatment or as first steps in care plans—all of which could potentially lead to better outcomes and cost savings for patients and health systems alike.”

— Kyle P. Jones, PhD, Adjunct Professor Department of Psychology, Palo Alto University.

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