Dreaming Big with CPAP Mask Therapy

We all have dreams: We dream of being happy…successful…good health for us and for our loved ones…but for many of us, a CPAP Mask is the only way to dream while we sleep during the night.

Dreaming is an integral part of a good night’s rest.  Our most vivid dreams occur during REM sleep, referring to the Rapid Eye Movement which occurs while we are dreaming.

People who don’t sleep well often do not have adequate REM sleep.  And this sleep phase is believed to help us in many ways:  

  1. It can consolidate our memories.
  2. It helps our cognitive function

And, to me, SLEEP IS KING (OR QUEEN!).

When we don’t get enough sleep, it affects every aspect of our lives:

  1. It affects our immune system 
  2. It affects our performance, both personally and professionally

Anxiety and depression can contribute to our being able to fall asleep, or, if we wake up during the night, to fall back to sleep. 

There are lots of reasons why we don’t sleep well, and for those suffering from sleep apnea, a CPAP mask is the easiest way to deliver a full night of sleep. Please note that certain medical conditions can also cause insomnia, and it is important that you have a complete medical evaluation before you start using your CPAP mask & machine.

If you have sleep apnea (like I do) it can be very frustrating to wake up and not feel rested…and perhaps having to take a nap during the day.  And the problem only builds on itself, every night. 

So that even if we sleep in on the weekends, we are not able to make up our sleep deficit.  Therefore, we are not as sharp mentally, we are not as focused, and we are not as fun to be with!  So, untreated sleep apnea affects not only the quality of our own lives, but also, directly, or indirectly, the quality of life of all the people with whom we interact, including family and co-workers.

Many struggle to sleep soundly with their CPAP mask, which is why I created “Adapting to CPAP.”

This unique program incorporates medical hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy strategies, and powerful motivational tools to help individuals adapt to their CPAP mask and machine, comfortably and confidently.  It also contains downloadable homework to enhance and speed up this process.  

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if after using this program, you start to get the restful and rejuvenating sleep that you both need and deserve!

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