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This program was designed for adolescents and adults of all ages with sleep apnea who are struggling to use their CPAP mask and machine. An evaluation by either a primary care clinician or a sleep specialist can rule out any other conditions that may inhibit success with this program.

Patients who see the best results tend to be committed, coachable, and creative.

While the benefits of this program can be achieved by a broad demographic, it isn’t for everyone. Specifically, this program may not be right for individuals who:

Do not want to get better.
Are not willing to change.
Are not willing to do the homework.

Although Adapting to CPAP™ as initially designed for adults, Dr. Lazarus uses the exact same approach for people of all ages.  In general, this program is recommended for motivated individuals 12 years of age and older.

The language is intentionally designed to be simple so that everyone can easily grasp the concepts and quickly implement them.

No. Because there are no medications used in this program, there are no side effects. However, Dr. Lazarus likes to say that the two main side effects are increased self-confidence and increased self-esteem!  😊

Rather than simply taking pills, which only provide temporary relief, this program teaches skills that can be used throughout your lifetime.

The videos in the program are designed to be experienced in one session.  There is also downloadable homework.  The entire program is around 54 minutes long and includes downloadable homework.

These videos can be viewed on all the major internet browsers. For optimal playback quality, we recommend using the latest versions of either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, which are all free. Please note that slower internet connections may require more time for the video to buffer for viewing.

At this time, the program is not available in DVD format. The program is accessed through the website using the login and password created at check out. With your purchase, you have unlimited access for viewing.

It seems that at any age, the harder we push, the harder people push back. This is true whether you’re 5 or 95 years old. That said, there are a few ways you might encourage your loved one to access their internal motivation.  

Sometimes people don’t want to practice because they feel like they aren’t very good at it. You might gently remind them that just like any skill they have learned—playing soccer or the piano, for instance—the more they did it, the better they got and the easier it became. And the better they became, the better results they achieved. Helping individuals make this connection often helps them to see the visualization practice in a different way.

However, if the person simply refuses to do the work, this may be a sign that they are not yet ready to put in the time for this program. Since personal motivation is a key factor in this program’s success, it is important not to force someone. The process is different for everyone, so meeting people where they are along the way tends to lead to greater success in the long-term.

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